Episode 701

Vanessa Wilson

Teaching Techniques by Vanessa Vargas Wilson

Learn how to teach kids to sew with an intro to machine basics and a simple starter project.

Download tips and tricks for teaching kids to sew here.

Pillowcase Project

Easily stitch a finished pillowcase in no time using French seams. A great first sewing project for kids, finish one to sleep on tonight, and then stitch another for charity.


Supplies listed are enough to create one pillowcase to fit a standard size (20"x26") pillow.

24"x44" rectangle of cotton fabric (body)

12"x44" rectangle of coordinating cotton fabric (cuff)

Matching all-purpose thread

Sew It

Use 1/4" seam allowances.

With right sides together, align one cuff rectangle long edge with one body rectangle long edge. Pin, placing the pins parallel to the edge.

Fold the cuff upward. Roll the body fabric into a tube toward the cuff.

Fold the cuff over the fabric tube. Wrap the cuff around the fabric tube, aligning the remaining raw edge with the pinned edges (1).


Remove the lengthwise pins and reinsert them perpendicular to the raw edges, pinning all three layers; stitch.

Pull the body fabric right side out from the tube; press.

With wrong sides together, fold the rectangle in half lengthwise; pin.

Stitch the long and short raw edges; press open the seams. Trim the seam allowances to 1/8", and then clip the corner.

Turn the pillowcase inside out. Stitch the same long and short edge again.

Turn the pillowcase right side out; press.

Easily make a pillowcase for a girl, boy or any bedroom décor simply by changing the fabrics.


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