TV Guests - Jess Goldman


I love to create, it's part of who I am!  I have an amazing husband and 3 fantastic kiddos! Day to day life in our household requires me to be creative in all aspects, so it definitely comes naturally for me. I love sharing that creativity with others and helping them discover their own ways of being creative. Everyone has it inside of them to be creative in some way. I hope to always inspire others because I'm inspired daily by those around me! Sewing can be a really fun outlet and I encourage anyone who thinks they might want to try it to go for it (that's what seam ripers are for)! I learned to sew as a child by my mother's side and have been fascinated by it and loved it ever since. I also love fabric, of course! I am presently designing fabric for Henry Glass Fabrics and I adore it, it's fun to see those ideas become a reality. My first line is called "Polka Perch." Check it out here: Now go be creative, and make it fun! 


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