Episode 104: Thread Bowl-erama

Thread Bowl-erama by Eric Drexler

Eric Drexler and Emmaline Norton play with decorative threads to create thread bowls using water-soluble stabilizer.

Download the Thread Bowl instructions from Sulky Secrets to Successful Embroidery (#900B-15).


Fabric Bowl


  • Fat eighth of print cotton fabric
  • Double-sided stiff fusible interfacing
  • All-purpose thread

Cut It

1. Download the Fabric Bowl pattern. From the cotton, cut out six sides and two bottoms. From the interfacing, cut out six half sides and one bottom.

2. Sandwich the interfacing between both fabric bottom wrong sides, aligning all edges. Fuse the fabric to the interfacing, following the manufacturer's instructions.

3.Position one fabric side wrong side up on a flat work surface. Position one interfacing side piece over the fabric, aligning the outer edges. Fold the fabric over the interfacing, and then fuse, following the manufacturer's instructions. Repeat to fuse the remaining fabric sides to the interfacing sides.

Sew It

1. Position the bottom on a flat work surface. Abut one side piece lower edge with one bottom outer edge.

2. Set the sewing machine for a 0.3mm-long and 6mm-wide satin stitch. Satin stitch along the abutted edge, catching both pieces in the stitching. Repeat to stitch the remaining lower side edges to the remaining bottom edges.

3. Abut two adjacent side edges. Satin stitch the aligned edges. Repeat to stitch together the remaining edges.

4. Satin stitch the bowl upper edge. Steam the bowl to shape it and remove any wrinkles.


Download the free instructions to make the "Scrap Happy" thread bowl featured in Sew It All, Volume 1.


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