Episode 205:

Hipper Zippers

Zipper Flower by Cathie Filian

Deconstruct zippers, and then reconstruct them into a cool zipper flower brooch.


  • 24”-long zipper
  • 18”-long contrasting zipper
  • Two 1 1/2”-diameter felt circles
  • All-purpose thread
  • Hand sewing needle
  • Pin back
  • Fabric glue (optional)

Sew It

  1. Cut off each zipper stop. Separate each zipper, and then remove the pulls.
  2. Cut the long zipper into eight 4”-long pieces. Cut the short zipper into eight 3”-long pieces.
  3. Thread a hand sewing needle with a strand of all-purpose thread; double-knot the thread end. Form a loop with one 4”-long zipper piece; hand stitch together the zipper ends. Repeat to stitch the remaining zipper pieces into petals.
  4. Position the large petals along one felt circle right side, orienting the petal lower edges toward the circle center and evenly spacing the petals. Overlap the petals, if necessary. Hand stitch the petal lower edges to secure. Repeat to stitch the small petals over the large petals.
  5. Hand stitch the straight edge of the remaining large zipper tape. Pull the thread end to form the tape into a circle. Overlap the tape ends; hand stitch to secure. Position the circle over the flower center; hand stitch or glue to secure.
  6. Position the pin back along the center of the remaining felt rectangle right side; hand stitch the pin to secure. Align the felt circles with wrong sides together; hand stitch the circle perimeter.

Tip: Adjust the petal length or use coils, flat rolls or organic shapes for the flower center, if desired.

Zipper Flower Skirt by Cathie Filian

Stitch a zipper to a skirt and add a removable zipper flower brooch for a cute skirt embellishment.


  • Ready-made skirt
  • 18”-long zipper
  • All-purpose thread
  • Zipper foot
  • Completed zipper flower pin

Sew It

  1. Cut off the zipper stop. Separate the zipper, and then remove the pull.
  2. Pin the zipper tape to the garment in the desired location. For jeans, pin the zipper along the leg or hem. For skirts, pin the zipper tape perpendicular to the hem. For jackets, pin the zipper tape along the collar or waist. For shirts, pin the zipper tape along the yoke or chest.
  3. Stitch the zipper tape perimeter; trim the threads.
  4. Pin the zipper flower to the stem upper edge.

Tip: Remove the zipper flower pin when laundering.


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