Episode 310


Serger Crochet by Ellen Osten

Emulate the look of crochet by using a serger.

Get the serger crochet lace doily instructions here.

Onesie Tu-Tu


  • 4-thread serger
  • Onesie, any size
  • 1 spool of coordinating 60 wt. all-purpose thread
  • 2 spools each of 3 colors of 12 wt. multicolor thread
  • 1/4 yard of water-soluble stabilizer
  • Sugar-free Kool Aid
  • Large eye hand sewing needle
  • 90 or 100 topstitch needle
  • Small scissors
  • Coordinating 1/4" to 1/2" trim (optional)

Prepare It

  1. In a medium-size bowl, mix enough water to cover the onesie with the Kool Aid. Soak the onesie until the desired color is reached. Squeeze out excess water. Dry in the dryer and heat set the color with a dry, hot iron.
  2. Thread the serger with 12-wt. thread in the upper and lower loopers and all-purpose thread in the left needle.
  3. Cut a 1" stabilizer strip equal to the onesie waist measurement plus 1".
  4. Lightly moisten and overlap the stabilizer strip short ends by 1/2" to create a circle.
  5. Begin stitching at one stabilizer circle side, leaving a long thread tail to mark the beginning stitching position. Serge two to three rows, making sure the left needle stitches into the previous row.
  6. Thread the serger with the second color. Overlap the previous stitching line end by 1". Serge five to six rows. Shorten the stitch length beginning with the third row.
  7. Thread the serger with the third thread color. Serge one to two rows. Continue to shorten the stitch length so that the last serged row is the shortest stitch length.
  8. Use a large-eye hand sewing needle to thread serger tails back into crochet.
  9. Trim excess threads.

 Tip: The color will fade with washing. Repeat dyeing to return onesie to desired color.

  Sew It

  1. Mark the onesie side edges 2" to 3" below the armseyes. Draw a horizontal line connecting the marks on the onesie front and back.
  2. Thread the sewing machine with matching thread in the needle and bobbin. Use a size 90 or 100 topstitch needle.
  3. Pin the tu-tu just above the drawn line in four evenly spaced points. Pin the tu-tu to the onesie between each previous pin, so it's pinned at 16 points. Stitch the tu-tu to the onesie along the drawn line, easing to fit. 
  4. Rinse away the stabilizer.
  5. If desired, add trim along the stitching line.

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