Episode 502

kathy cano murillo

To Dye For by Kathy Cano-Murillo

Create a scarf using T-shirts and fabric dyeing techniques.

(Get Kathy's instructions to create a dyed table runner in Sew it All Volume 5.)


Fabric dyes in desired colors (See "Source.")

3 white T-shirts

Rubber bands

Plastic gloves

Plastic bag

2 yards of 1/4"- to 1"-wide ribbon

Plastic tablecloth

Dye It

Use new or recycle used T-shirts. Wash and dry the T-shirts.

Using rubber bands, twist and band each shirt in a different pattern. Dampen each shirt with water.

Cover a large work surface with the plastic tablecloth. Place one banded shirt on the tablecloth.

Wearing plastic gloves, mix the dye according to manufacturer's instructions.

Tip: Purchase a dye kit to have everything needed for dyeing at your fingertips.

Dye the shirt in the desired areas, making sure the dye saturates the fabric. Add a second color if desired.

Repeat to dye the remaining shirts, using different color dyes to give your scarf more color and pop. Place each dyed shirt inside a plastic bag and let sit for six hours.

Rinse the shirts until the water runs clear. Remove the rubber bands. Machine wash using cold water; hang dry.

Sew It

Fold each shirt in half lengthwise and cut off the side seams and sleeves. Cut off the ribbed neckline.  

Open each shirt flat and cut into three long strips, and then cut the strips into quarters. Trim each piece into even rectangles. Sort the pieces according to the desired colors for each scarf side. Divide the pieces into two sets.

Using one set, align pieces with right sides together; stitch the short ends, alternating colors. Repeat to stitch the remaining set; press open the seams.

Tip: Use colored T-shirts to create the scarf and use a bleach pen to draw designs onto the fabric.

Align the pieced strips with right sides together; stitch each long edge. Turn the scarf right side out.

Topstitch each scarf long edge for a polished look.

Cut approximately 1/4"-wide and 4"-long fringe on each scarf short edge.

Cut a length of ribbon equal to the scarf length, including the fringe. Pin the ribbon along the scarf center in a slightly curved line; stitch along the ribbon center. If desired, repeat for the other side of the scarf.


Tulip provided the One-Step Dye in assorted colors; ilovetocreate.com.

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