Episode 505


Block Party by Mary Fons

Learn beginner quilting techniques and make a quick potholder.

Download the instructions to create a simple quilt block.



10" finished quilt block

10" square of cotton backing fabric

10" square of cotton batting

10" square of insulating materials

Package of bias tape

Removable fabric marker

Walking foot

Sew It

With the backing fabric wrong side up, layer the insulating fabric, batting and quilt block over the backing with right sides up.

Mark the desired quilting lines using a removable fabric marker or stitch in the ditch. Install the walking foot onto the machine. Quilt the potholder. Trim the quilted rectangle to straighten the edges, if necessary. 

Bind the potholder in the desired method using the bias tape, mitering the corners. At the last corner, trim the excess binding 4" beyond the corner for the loop. Fold the excess binding into a loop, and then stitch the short end to the binding on the potholder wrong side. 

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