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Mark Montano

Wallet Wise by Mark Montano

Couch ribbon onto oilcloth and create a simple wallet.


1/2 yard of oilcloth

2 yards of 1/8" to 1/4"-wide ribbon

Matching or contrasting all-purpose thread

Couching foot

Cut It

Unfold and place the oilcloth on a flat surface overnight to flatten any creases.

Download the Wallet Wise pattern; print, and then cut out.

Place the pattern over the oilcloth wrong side. Trace the pattern using a pencil; cut out.

Sew It

Install a couching foot onto the machine. Select a zigzag stitch on the machine that's slightly wider than the ribbon. Beginning at one raw edge, couch the ribbon onto the pattern piece in the desired design. Couch the ribbon along the curved flap edges. Hold the ribbon with one hand and move the fabric with the other.

Fold the straight edge parallel to the straight flap edges 1/4" toward the wrong side. Zigzag stitch 1/8" from the fold.

Fold the opposite straight edge toward the wrong side to align with the flap straight edges. Fold the finished edge toward the wrong side. Fold the flaps inward.

Zigzag stitch the flap sides and lower edges. Fold the wallet in half widthwise; finger-press to crease.

Mark Montano

Card Holder

Use paint cards to create a unique, budget friendly business card holder.


Five to six 5" to 6"-long paint cards

Scotch tape

All-purpose thread

Tyvek envelope (See "Source.")

5/8"-diameter adhesive hook-and-loop tape circle

Construct It

Cut each paint card lengthwise into 1/2"-wide strips.

Arrange eight strips on a flat work surface in a pleasing pattern to create a 4"-wide block. Tape the upper edges, if desired. Weave strips into the block to create a rectangle slightly larger than 4"x6". Place tape along the perimeter wrong side.

Cut a 4"x11" rectangle of Tyvek. Fold each short end 1/2" toward one side; topstitch 1/4" from the fold. Fold each short end 2" toward one side.

Place the Tyvek over the woven rectangle wrong side; topstitch the perimeter 1/8" from the edges. Trim the paint card strips to align with the Tyvek edges.

Adhere one hook-and-loop tape circle to each short edge center 1/16" to 1/8" from the short edge.

Tip: Save Tyvek envelopes you receive in the mail for future projects.

Fold the rectangle in half widthwise; finger-press to crease.


The United States Postal Service carries Tyvek envelopes: usps.com.


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