Episode Guide


Mark Montano

601: Wallet Wise, Mark Montano

Make an easy oilcloth wallet with simple embellishments. Plus, learn how to stitch on paper to make a cute business card holder.

Amy Alan

602: Mad for Plaid, Amy Alan

Learn all about plaid fabric, including tips for matching and balancing even and uneven plaids.

Althea Harper

603: Darling Dress, Althea Harper

Learn draping and fitting techniques for making a custom dress.

nicole smith

604: That's a Wrap, Nicole Smith

Create a fun and fashionable wrap skirt that fits and flatters.

carol ingram

605: Pillowcase Dress, Carol Ingram

Make a simple pillowcase dress embellished with hand embroidery.

Nicki LaFoille

606: Novel Idea, Nicole LaFoille

Turn your favorite novel into a purse to show off your inner bookworm.

Kristina Saccone

607: Handbag Hardware, Kristina Saccone

Create a fabulous couture handbag incorporating hardware for a professional finish.

Katrina Walker

608: All About Silk, Katrina Walker

Learn the ins and outs of sewing silk, plus make an impressive table runner.

pattie wilkinson

609: Traveling Pants, Pattie Wilkinson

Stitch up a pair of easy breezy pants that are simple to sew and wear.

carol ingram

610: Serger Smarts, Carol Ingram

Get the most out of your serger with professional tips and tricks for practical and decorative applications. Plus make an easy shawl for everyday wear.

sue hausmann

611: Troubleshooting Tips, Sue Hausmann

Learn how to overcome common operator errors when sewing at the machine, plus make a simple appliquéd tablet case.

Jessie Giardino

612: Deco-Stitched Décor, Jessica Giardino

Learn how to print images on fabric to create a faux appliqué embellishment. Plus make a cozy personalized pillow.

nicole blum

613: Cute Combo, Nicole Blum

Create a tank top combining a knit and woven fabric for the ultimate in style and comfort.


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