Episode 705


Chevron Chic by Caroline Hulse

Create your own chevron pattern using piecing and quilting techniques to make a unique handbag.

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7/8 yard of grey cotton fabric

1/8 yard each of 5 coordinating fabrics (purple, teal, pink, green & yellow)

Matching all-purpose thread

Rotary cutting system

Removable fabric marker

Hand sewing needle (optional)

Cut It

From the grey fabric, cut thirty-five 3" squares, two 14 1/2"x17 1/2" rectangles for the lining, one 5"x14 1/2" rectangle for the upper back and one 9"x14 1/2" rectangle for the lower back.

From each coordinating fabric, cut seven 3" squares. From the yellow fabric, cut two 3 1/2"x21 1/2" strips for the straps.

Sew It

Using a removable fabric marker and clear ruler, draw a diagonal line onto each grey fabric-square wrong side from one corner to the opposite corner (1).


With right sides together, place one grey square over one coordinating square; pin. Stitch 1/4" from each side of the drawn line (2). Repeat to stitch each grey square to a colored square.


Using a rotary cutter, mat and ruler, cut along the marked line on each square; press open, and then press the seam allowances toward the coordinating fabric.

Place each square right side up on a flat work surface. Reserve 14 grey/yellow squares for the middle panel on the tote back. Orient the remaining squares to create four chevron-pattern strips. Position the purple strip at the upper edge, the teal strip below the purple, the pink strip below the teal and the green strip below the pink (3).


Using 1/4" seam allowances, stitch two squares along the adjacent edge with right sides together. Press open the seams. Repeat to stitch each row of squares (4).


With right sides together, stitch the row-1 lower edge to the row-2 upper edge; press open the seam. Repeat to stitch each row together in succession. This is the tote front.

TIP: To create an ombré effect, use different shades of one color to stitch each chevron stripe for the bag.

Stitch the reserved grey/yellow squares into one chevron strip made of two rows per the tote-front instructions.

Stitch one upper-back rectangle long edge to the chevron-strip upper edge with right sides together; press the seam toward the grey fabric. With right sides together, stitch one lower-back rectangle long edge to the chevron-strip lower edge; press the seam toward the grey fabric. This is the tote back.

Fold each strap in half lengthwise with right sides together; stitch the long edge. Turn the straps right side out; press the seam to one side. Topstitch each strap long edge.

Pin one strap to the tote front, positioning each strap end 4" from the tote-front sides and aligning the strap ends with the tote-front upper edge; pin (5). Repeat to pin the remaining strap to the tote back.


With right sides together, stitch the tote front to one lining rectangle along the upper edge, catching the strap in the stitching. Press the seam toward the lining. Repeat to stitch the remaining lining rectangle to the tote back.

Position the tote front over the tote back with right sides together and lining rectangles aligned. Stitch the perimeter, leaving a 5" opening along the lining lower edge for turning (6).


Turn the tote right side out through the opening; press. Topstitch or slipstitch the opening closed. Push the lining inside the tote. Press the tote upper edge.

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