Episode 808

Linda Lee

Rectangle Skirt by Linda Lee

Create an easy wrap skirt using two fabric rectangles that create an asymmetrical hem. Choose from corduroy, cotton sateen, denim, double knit, rayon, linen, raw silk or wool -- the possibilities are endless with this forgiving design.


1 to 2 yards of 60"-wide fabric (exact yardage determined by size) or 2 yards of 45"-wide fabric (all sizes)

Matching all-purpose thread

Two 1/2"-diameter buttons

12" length of 5/8"-wide hook-and-loop-tape

2 yards of 1/2"-wide single-fold bias tape

Removable fabric marker or chalk

Hand sewing needle

Serger (optional)

Cut It

Download the Rectangle Skirt pattern HERE; print. Tape together, and then cut along the size lines that best correspond to your measurements, referring to the Measurement Guide.

From the fabric, cut one right and one left skirt. Transfer all pattern markings using a removable fabric marker or chalk.

Cut an 8" length of bias tape for the button tab; set aside.


Measurement Guide

Size                 1                      1 1/2     2             2 1/2           3                      3 1/2                4

Waist               27 1/2"               30"      32"    34 1/4"         36 1/2"       38 3/4"             41"

Hip                  37 1/2"               40"     42"         44 1/4"         46 1/2"              48 3/4"             51"     

Length             28 3/4"                29"       29 1/4"      29 1/2"         29 3/4"              30"                  30 1/4"


Sew It

Zigzag- or serge-finish the left- and right-skirt center-back edge.

With right sides together, stitch the darts as indicated on the left and right skirts. Press the darts toward the center back.

Align the left and right skirts with right sides together, matching the notches. Stitch the center-back seam; press open.

Fold the sides and lower edge 1 1/4" toward the wrong side; press. Fold the raw edges 3/8" inside the fold, creating a 7/8"-wide hem; press.

At the lower-edge corners, place one pin perpendicular to the hem fold in the hem allowance only. Place a second pin in the opposite hem fold at the intersection of the two hems.

Unfold the corners, keeping the 3/8" fold in place. With right sides together, match the pins at the folded edges. Mark a diagonal line from the pins to the 1 1/4"-wide hem foldline. Stitch from the pins to the point, backstitching at each end.

Turn the corners toward the right side; check that the diagonal seam aligns. If satisfied, turn the corners to the wrong side; trim 1/4" from the seam, and then press open.

Tip: Use a point turner to help achieve crisp miters when pressing the skirt corners.

Turn the corners right side out toward the skirt wrong side; press. Topstitch 3/4" from the lower-hem folds.

Fold the button tab in half widthwise with wrong sides together. Edgestitch the long edges. Hand sew one button to the tab near the folded end according to the pattern markings. Baste the button-tab raw edges to the right-skirt upper edge according to the pattern markings.

Unfold the remaining bias tape. With right sides together, stitch one tape long edge to the skirt waist along the foldline and 1/4" from the skirt upper edge, leaving 1/2" of bias tape extending beyond the stitching beginning and end.

Fold the tape ends 1/2" toward the wrong side; press.

Wrap the bias tape toward the skirt wrong side; press, favoring the skirt upper edge. Stitch along the bias-tape lower fold.

Tip: "Favoring the edge" means to fold the edge so the seam isn't visible on the fabric right side.

Finish It

Cut one 4 5/8" length of hook-and-loop tape. Edgestitch the hook-tape perimeter to the left-skirt right side according to the pattern markings.

Stitch two automatic buttonholes along the left-skirt waistline according to the pattern markings.

On the right-skirt wrong side, place the corresponding loop tape with one long edge just below the bias-tape fold and one end slightly beyond the front-hem fold; edgestitch the loop-tape perimeter.

Try on the skirt to check the button placement; mark. Hand stitch the remaining button to the right-skirt wrong side at the mark.

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