Episode 906

Erin Sundet

Bathrobe Beauty by Erin Sundet

Stitch a one-size-fits-most drop sleeve bathrobe and look stylish while getting ready.


Woven or light- to medium-weight fabric (such as voile, rayon, double gauze, lightweight jersey or double knit; yardage requirements below)

All-purpose thread

Stretch or ballpoint needle (optional)

Serger (optional)

Yardage Requirements

60" Fabric - 2 3/8 yard

54" Fabric - 2 1/2 yard

44" Fabric - 3 yard


Download the robe pattern here; print, and then cut out. The pattern is designed to print on US Letter (or A4) paper. When printing, make sure to select '"no page scaling." Print the first page and check the 2" test square before printing all the pages.

Tip: Adjust the robe length by adding or subtracting to the pattern lower edges. Make sure to adjust the neckband accordingly.

Wash and dry the fabric as you would the finished garment.

From the fabric, cut two front pieces, one back piece, two sleeves, two belt loops, and two neckbands.

If using a knit fabric, use a stretch or ballpoint needle and a stretch/zigzag stitch, or a serger.


Use 1/2" seam allowances.

With right sides together, align the back piece and two front pieces at the shoulder seams; pin, and then stitch. Press open the seam allowances.

Lay out the robe so the back pattern piece is placed to one side and the front pattern pieces are placed to the other.

With right sides together, align one sleeve with one armscye, matching the notches; stitch. Repeat to insert the opposite sleeve.

With wrong sides together, fold each belt loop in half widthwise; press, and then unfold. Fold each long edge to meet at the centerline, and then refold along the centerline; press. Edgestitch the long open edge. Repeat to construct the second belt loop.

Fold each belt loop in half, ensuring the loops aren't twisted. Align the loop raw edges with the robe-back raw edges at the notches; baste (1).

With right sides together, align the robe fronts with the back along the side and underarm seams; pin. Stitch, beginning at the sleeve edge and pivoting at the underarm.

With right sides together, align the neckband pieces along the short ends; pin, and then stitch. With wrong sides together, fold the neckband in half lengthwise.

With right sides together and raw edges aligned, pin the neckband to the robe, matching the robe and neckband centers; stitch.

With right sides together, align the waist ties along the short ends; pin, and then stitch one short edge to create one long tie.

With right sides together, fold the tie in half lengthwise; press. Stitch the long open edge. Turn the tie right side out; press.

Fold each tie short edge toward the wrong side; press. Edgestitch the tie perimeter.

Double-fold the sleeve and lower edges 1/2" toward the wrong side; press, and then edgestitch the first fold.

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