TV Guests - Ellen Switzer


Ellen was starting her junior year at Brigham Young University when she got married in the summer of 2008. With no job lined up that summer, she decided to take a beginning sewing class. She'd never sewn before, but was feeling adventurous. She spent nine-hours days in the sewing lab working on projects outside of the curriculum and experimenting with pattern making. She fell in love with sewing and after that summer, decided to change her major to sewing. Three and a half years later, she is the author of the sewing blog Sewn by Ellen, which is dedicated to her own home-made patterns, experimentation, how-to's and design. She works for an international bridal company in Salt Lake City, UT as a pattern maker, and will be attending a fashion design school starting in January 2012. Someday she hopes to start her own fashion line and live in New York City with her husband, Steve and dog, Bridgette. For more on Ellen, visit

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