TV Guests - Beth Bradley


I've loved clothing for as long as I can remember. Even at three-years-old, I had definite opinions on what I wanted to wear, sneaking off to change into my favorite houndstooth skirt right after my mom got me dressed. With such specific taste in clothing, I decided that I ought to learn how to make my own. In high school, I started using money from my part-time job to take sewing classes at my local fabric store. I was hooked! I earned a degree in Apparel Design and have been very lucky to turn my passion into my livelihood, first as a fashion designer and now as an editor. Sewing is a fantastic pastime that's taken me to New York, London and back again. I love draping and patternmaking, but I love easy projects just as much. 

Beth is Associate Editor for Sew News and Sew it All magazines.

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