TV Guests - Deborah Moebes

Deborah Moebes

Deborah Moebes writes Whipstitch, a blog about modern sewing. After a decade as a schoolteacher and a short career as an archaeologist, Deborah stumbled (kinda backward) into sewing and has never looked back. She's the author of two books, Stitch by Stitch and Stitch Savvy, and founder of a retail sewing lounge in Atlanta, GA, which was voted Best of Atlanta by Creative Loafing in 2010 and Best of Atlanta by Atlanta Magazine in 2012. She's the author of Learn As You Sew Patterns, tablet-friendly digital sewing patterns with embedded video that teach as you sew, and shares monthly videos about sewing and family on her YouTube channel.

She also has four kids, a husband, a (lovely but largely imagined) garden, a fantastic mid-century modern ranch (which is the subject of many a Pinterest post), a dog and (soon to be, if the children get their way) two fish. She firmly believes that sewing is for everyone, and that you'll learn the most if you jump in with both feet and give it a shot--even if you're not quite sure what you're doing. She's also quite adamant that everything ought to have pockets. Currently, Deborah is polishing up a new release of garment patterns, sewing almost constantly for her new house, and recently completed a wall quilt featuring Tony Danza, which Mr. Danza autographed and loved.

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