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Olivia takes center stage on PBS's Sew It All; she inspires sewing enthusiasts to be creative and makes sewing easier and more comfortable! Joined on the set by her friend Pixie, a must-have cutting table for all your cutting & prep needs, this pair provides everything you need to put the FUN in a FUNctional sewing room. Don't let Olivia's cool vintage exterior fool you. This mid-sized sewing cabinet is fully equipped with Arrow Sewing Cabinet's high quality features, including the 2-position mechanism that will move your sewing machine into the flatbed and free-arm positions. Pull the quick release lever and your sewing well becomes flush with the top, so you can use Olivia as a desk or hobby table. Plus you'll find plenty of storage for your small notions with 2 drawers and 2 deep cubbies for storage of your sewing machine, serger or fabric. Olivia comes in a fun vibrant pistachio green or a clean crisp white laminate.



Check out Olivia's other friends Gidget, Marilyn, Bertha, and Sewnatra. All four offer sewing enthusiasts different options for storage, dimensions and comfort. Gidget, the smallest in our line, is a convenient sewing table that like Olivia has a 2-position mechanism to move your machine into flatbed and freearm positions. Gidget will fold flat for easy storage and portability to class or retreats.


Sewnatra is a small compact cabinet that features an airlift to move your sewing machine up and down like an elevator. The cute shutter door conceals your machine and offers storage for your notions.

Bertha as her name implies is made for all the big girl machines on the market. Her sewing well is 24"w x 12"d and her airlift will lift a 45-pound sewing machine with ease. Her large work surface is perfect for larger projects and includes a moveable quilt leaf extension. Two doors conceal your machine and also offer 8 storage bins for all your notions.

Think of Marilyn as the popular girl in the Arrow line....she just seems to have it all! Her airlift makes it easy to raise and lower your machine, with a simple push your machine glides smoothly into place. Marilyn is offered in 3 laminate colors to match any sewing room. She also has ample storage with 4 drawers, 4 storage bins on the door and a recessed compartment on the top.

With all of these options, it's no wonder that Arrow sewing cabinets are the top choice for today's most active sewers. Arrow's goal since 1943 has been to make cabinets not only affordable and functional with superior engineering, but also units that inspire creativity. Arrow is where creativity meets color!

You can find twenty-four different products on Arrow's website. The site features cabinets, matching storage units and the chair featured on the set. There's something here for every taste and need.

The Arrow Model 2000 sewing chair, Olivia cabinet and Pixie cutting table are featured in Sew it All Episodes 201 through 213.

The Arrow Model 2000 sewing chair, Olivia cabinet and Pixie cutting table are featured in Sew it All Episodes 101 through 113.

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